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Dance and Sing Your Way Into the Light

A Course In Miracles 2024 World Dance

A New Way to Experience the Transformative

Message of A Course In Miracles 

Imagine a year of dancing to the lessons from the Workbook of A Course In Miracles. In 2024 James F. Twyman and The Foundation For Inner Peace invite you to be our guest for a year-long celebration of the transformative message of the Course. 

This is our gift to you, an entire year of music, wisdom and deep transformation. Just follow the instructions and register today. You'll receive an email each day with a link to a video and song, along with the ACIM lesson being read by someone just like you. Join thousands of people from around the world for the 2024 A Course In Miracles World Dance.

Join us in the celebration

To join the ACIM World Dance, just click the button below and register today. It really is that simple. Hundreds of musicians from around the world have joined James Twyman in this amazing year-long program for one reason - to share the revolutionary message of A Course In Miracles with the world. And please let everyone you know about the World Dance. Let's sing and dance our way straight into Heaven.

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